Board Certification for the Natural Health Practitioner

Become Certified

Certification is a three-step process. Follow the steps below:

1. Select the level of certification that you are qualified for (below). Your degree or diploma must be from a credible and recognizable institution,
in a discipline applicable to the classification
for which you are applying Download Initial Application Here.

Diplomate: Candidate is a Clinical Practitioner with an advanced degree (PhD, NP, DC, MD, DO, ND) with at least two years of documentable experience in
 the natural health field. Examination is required with a pass score of at least 85%.

Consultant: Candidate has a diploma in the natural healing arts from an established institution consisting of at least 26 credits. Examination is required (specific to classification) with a pass score of at least 75% .

Select category for which you wish to be certified. Download, fill out and return the application form. All instructions are on the form,
including those for the required examinationPlease note: Yealy renewal is required
. Twelve CEUs are required, but proof is not required. Renewal fee is $79 and can be paid by PayPal or by sending a check. Download Renewal Application Here.

List of Classifications:
Medicinal Herbalism                                                          

Holistic Health
Naturopathic/Natural Medicine (you may specify either Naturopathic or Natural Medicine)

Please note: We do not physically mail Wall Documents to those who reside outside the US. Instead, a printable version of the official document is emailed.         
Click on image to see sample Wall Document

3. Next scan and email the completed application. All candidates will be evaluated based on education and experience and test results. All information as to what is required as far as is on the Initial Application form. If you have any questions, please contact us. Payment must be made via PayPal:

Diplomate $399.00

Consultant $279.00

Renewal Fee $79.00

Re-Take Fee $49.00
Upon certification you will receive an attractive wall document suitable for framing with your name, certification level and area of specialty. 
Please note: the ACHM does not prepare for any type of state licensing. Certification is a voluntary process designed to establish standards and credentials as a natural health consultant. You must always check the laws pertaining to your state as to what your restrictions are.