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CBD is all the buzz, But it's not all the same. How To Buy CBD Oil:

Not all CBD oil is the same..
Just because it comes from a dispensary or health food store, doesn't mean it's a good oil. Most folks do not even know where their oil comes from or how it's manufactured.

🌿It should be full spectrum, PCR CBD oil. Meaning using the whole plant, not just part of the plant, so you're not just getting CBD. You get all the cannabinoids. (CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG)
🌿 Processing facility should be an FDA approved food grade facility. Meaning it should have the same safety practices as food factories therefore we get a nutrition facts label not a supplement facts label. Supplement Facts label means it is no longer in its pure state.
🌿 A lot of hemp comes from overseas which can be contaminated, bleached and not real CBD oil or very weak. It should NOT be an isolate, not diluted with other oils like mtc/coconut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil.  A money back guarantee is always a good sign.

Here is an excellent product for people and animals: