Board Certification for the Natural Health Practitioner
Welcome to the American Council of Holistic Medicine

Become a Board Certified Professional in the Field of Natural Health.

The American Council of Holistic Medicine is the certifying agency that recognizes differing levels of expertise, education, and specialty for the Natural Health Consultant in the field of alternative medicine. If you are a Naturopath, Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Nutritional Consultant, or Homeopath, you want recognition for your hard-earned expertise and specialization. We acknowledge your credentials and specification.

Most grant a wall document to those who meets their criteria for certification after a fee is paid, and then renewal is expected each year.

The American Council of Holistic Medicine (ACHM) is different and stands alone in its approach. The upfront certification fee is less than most groups and annual fee is lower. Yet the ACHM offers much more to its members than any other similar group in America. Some of the more important aspects for those who are certified are:

    • Stay abreast of field-related news via Facebook.
    • Access to the best supplements to help your clients (not sold in stores and or in network marketing companies)
    • Access to counseling from those who already are successful in private practice.
    • Information as to where to purchase malpractice & liability insurance at low costs.

 Why Become Board Certified?

   Here are some of the many reasons:

  • Certification as a professional in your field showcases your commitment, experience and dedication to consumers seeking your services. It also demonstrates to the public that those certified by the ACHM have successfully completed an approved educational program and evaluation process.
  • Certification can lead to higher visibility, opportunities, and employment. In today’s increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Even though you know you have the education and skills to do the job, how do you convince potential customers and employers? For many career-minded professionals, certification is the answer.
  • Becoming certified can instill confidence, in yourself and your profession and your clients as you are being evaluated by peer-reviewed standards.