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The American Council of Holistic Medicine was originally founded in 2001 as the Guild of Holistic Practitioners. The ACHM represents professionals trained in the art of natural healing and is dedicated to fostering excellence in the field. 

*Disclaimer: Members of the ACHM do not provide services such as diagnosing, prescribing cures and/or medications, surgery, or any other regulated procedures unless they are licensed to so so. The ACHM expects its members to adhere to the boundaries, abilities and scope of their professions. The ACHM cannot be held responsible for any members providing services in any way. 

Any and all information on this website pertaining to health is for educational purposes only. Nothing posted in this website shall convey any agreement or contact between any parties and the ACHM, or give any rights to damages against the ACHM of any kind, whether direct, indirect or consequential.

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The American Council of Holistic Medicine
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