• Is the Holistic & Alternative Medicine/ Health School you are thinking of attending accredited by the American Council of Holistic Medicine? If not, ask them why not. The ACHM has the highest standards when it comes to accrediting natural health schools. Most private accrediting agencies only require payment and a website.  The ACHM requires an in-depth application demonstrating it is an established school with the following:
    1. Quality Programs
    2. Qualified Instructors
    3. Financial Stability
    4. Legal Documentation of Incorporation
    5. State Licensing or Registration as an Educational Institution
    Please contact us to see if the natural health school you're interested in is accredited by the ACHM. 
  • Please note: The ACHM accepts applications for graduates seeking certification from institutions other than those we have approved. Those approved by the ACHM have elected to undergo our reviewing process and have successfully met our requirements, but we have many certified Consultants & Practitioners from other institutions.