1. What are the requirements to be certified by the ACHM?
All applicants must submit an application. Included must be all applicable transcripts, diplomas, and explanation of experience. You must also enclose a copy of a government issued ID with a photograph. All candidates must take an examination. Further requirements and information are on the initial application.

2. Do you accept applications from graduates who have attended schools other than those the ACHM has accredited? 
Yes. We accept applications from those who have graduated from legitimate and credible schools other than those listed on our website.

3. What is the exam like?
It is an open-book exam with multiple choice and true/false question focusing on your area of specialization. So, if you want to be certified in nutrition, most of the questions will pertain to nutrition. It also has general questions on some basic natural health principles.

4. Why do I have to take an exam? There are other certifying groups that don’t require one.
The ACHM believes that in order to be certified, a candidate must pass certain peer-reviewed standards. This is standard among the majority of professionals seeking certification and we believe it should be standard for the Natural Health Consultant as well.

5. Are there study guides available for the exam?
No, as it is open-book. 

6. How is the test administered?
Upon receiving your application with payment, we will email you the exam with instructions. We will then grade it and upon passing, you will receive your official letter and personalized Wall Document.

7. What will it say on my Wall Document?
It will have your name, certification level and area of specialization. So, as an example, if you qualify as a Consultant of Medicinal Herbalism, your document would say, Consultant of Herbal Medicine.

8. What happens if I fail the exam?
If you do not pass, you will be able to retake the exam with a $49 fee.
9. Will the ACHM let me know what questions I have missed?

No. The ACHM does not discuss test questions.  .
10. Does ACHM certification enable me to become a licensed health practitioner?
No, the ACHM does not prepare for any type of state licensing. Certification is a voluntary, peer-reviewed process designed to establish standards and credentials as a natural health consultant. You must always check the laws pertaining to your state as to what your restrictions are.