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The ACHM is dedicated to providing high quality education in the field of natural healing. Whether you are a health care provider or someone who is interested in learning how to take care of yourself and your family, our courses can help educate you as to how to obtain and maintain optimal health through natural means. Our courses are relevant and interesting. Upon completion of one module (4 courses) you will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the program you have chosen. Completion of all 12 courses will qualify you to become a Certified Coach of Health and Wellness (no exam required). An attractive wall document suitable for framing will be forwarded for both programs. 

Distance learning, also known as correspondence study, home or independent study is a non-traditional educational process which exists outside the classroom setting. But we are not like most distance and online schools as our teaching method is unique. Rather than being forced to memorize facts and take tests, the homework assignments are created by the student. This enables him/her to put on paper what he/she has learned, allowing for the creativity and understanding of the student to shine through. it also allows the student to truly understand and and remember the coursework. Everyone's interests and learning style is different, This makes the ACHM method of teaching individualized and truly innovative. Please contact us at theachm@gmail.com  or call 727-998-3500 for more information.


Our Programs

You May Elect to Take One Module or the Entire Program.

1. Complimentary Alternative Medicine:

  • Basic Herbalism: An overview of herbs and their relation to natural healing. Learn about remedies using western herbs and those of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Basic HomeopathyIntroduction to homeopathic principles including handling of common ailments.
  • Naturopathic PrinciplesThis is a course in natural healing with an overview of many holistic principles relevant to health.
  • Holistic Nutrition and Wellness: This course focuses on natural health through therapeutic usage of foods, nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies and juicing.

2. Women’s Wellness:

  • Hormonal Health: This course covers cutting-edge information rarely found anywhere else on the relation between sugar, sleep and hormonal health. Topics covers are menopause, breast cancer, PMS and much more.
  • Healthy Weight Loss: This course covers little known information on dieting including how brain chemistry can affect weight loss. Other topics covered are anti-aging and disease management.
  • Natural Health Options for Women: Focuses on creating optimal health by exploring the benefits of Western tradition and ancient Chinese teachings. Course will cover the ten crucial elements of women’s health.
  • Preventing Osteoporosis: Learn about a wide approach to handling osteoporosis beyond estrogen and calcium supplementation. Covers nutritional approaches and lifestyle modifications, plus risk assessments.

3. Principles of Nutrition: 

  •  Food and BehaviorCovers the profound connection between nutrition, mood, crime and behavior. Learn what foods help and strengthen brain for physical and emotional health.
  • Nutritional and Physical Degeneration: Overview on how what we eat (good or bad) affects our health.
  • The Role of Fat in Human Health: You will learn all about fats and why good fats are crucial to health.You will also learn about which fats are the most harmful and how to avoid them. Also covered, manufacturing processes that turn healing fats into killing fats.
  • Optimum Nutrition: Covers what nutrients and foods are necessary for increased energy, emotional balance, a strong immune system and physical fitness. 

Cost for each module is: $269.00 (4 courses).

Total cost for entire program is $759.00 (12 courses). You can pay by check mailed to address on registration form, or you can pay online (buttons on bottom of page). Books are not included, but can be purchased online, usually used or at a discounted price. Downloadable registration form is below with all instructions.  


Single Module (4 courses)

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Coach of Health and Wellness (12 courses)

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